SECOLO in pharmaceutical logistics
safe transport of pharmaceutical products
SECOLO safety containers in distribution logistics for the protection of medicines.

Now it's here - the SECOLO safety refrigerated container for the pharmaceutical industry, especially medical products, research projects and laboratory and doping samples! With this intelligent container, sensitive products from laboratories, clinics, research centres or even doctors' surgeries can be transported quickly and safely. The safety container is equipped with a tested insulated container. As an option, the contents can be continuously monitored via a temperature sensor and the values transmitted to the control centre via the GSM network. And - the electronic RFID lock ensures that only authorised persons have access to the contents.

The SECOLO solution

  • Removal of contents by authorised persons only
  • Automatic registration of container movements using RFID tracking
  • Theft monitoring during transport
  • Information on WHO, WHEN and WHICH container was taken can be called up at any time
  • Complete recording of all events per container
  • GPS tracking and online temperature monitoring
  • Preparation for transport in any insulated container
  • Contaminated insulated containers are simply replaced
  • The SECOLO system works without mechanical keys
  • Lost RFID key cards can be blocked and replaced quickly and easily
  • Large selection from containment vessels to customised models

Advantages and benefits

  • The transported goods are protected against theft and tampering
  • Know-how Security for research, through protection against unauthorised access
  • Quality assurance through protection against interruption of the cold chain
  • Increased efficiency through simplified process documentation
  • Quality assurance through adherence to processes
  • Cost savings thanks to a reduced number of transport containers
  • Increased efficiency through simple replacement of the cooling containers
  • Quality assurance through continuous temperature monitoring with alarm system

Would you like to find out more about the benefits for your company?

Then talk to us! With more than 20 years of experience in electronic security and RFID technology, we are your competent partner! Our experienced employees and specialised trade partners are happy to take the time to work with you to develop the perfect solution. This lays the foundation for a successful co-operation.

Overview of possible applications of our SECOLO system.

Protected transport of watches, jewelry & precious stones

Secure transportation from the manufacturer to the retailer and/or between stores.

SECOLO intelligent locker locking system

SECOLO Smart Locks - Wireless and still all the advantages of the networked system thanks to the FMTec wireless solution.
FMTec cargo bike transport safety

SECOLO in a cargo bike box

SECOLO Smart Lock protects the transported goods with efficient "key" management and user-friendly processes. Available as a stand-alone or networked solution.
safe transport of pharmaceutical products

SECOLO in pharmaceutical logistics

SECOLO safety containers in distribution logistics for the protection of medicines.
construction tools

SECOLO intelligent tool removal

SECOLO checks who takes what away and when, and when it is returned, alerts in the event of loss and informs when something is being searched for.
Retail chains

SECOLO at retail chains

SECOLO system for the protection of consumer goods in shop supply logistics.
File and data destruction

SECOLO in file and data carrier destruction

SECOLO system for document and data carrier destruction with and without SECOLO Smart Locks.