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File & data destruction

Gagnaeyðing ehf

Gagnaeyðing ehf specializes in data destruction. The factory is designed for this purpose with its closed security areas and electronic security systems. Gagnaeyðing is AAA certified according to NAID standards for a plant-based operation facility, endorsed for paper / printed media, computer hard drive & non-paper media destruction as well as mobile / on-site shredding of hard drives.

Gagnaeyðing operates in Iceland and is the only dedicated data destruction company in the country. Gagnaeyðing serves businesses, government and individuals alike. During over its three decades of successful service Gagnaeyðing has become a trusted partner to its customers, known for its quality and secure services, always provided with the customers´ benefit in mind, stressing security, sustainability and corporate social responsibility.


File & data destruction

Haubold + Sperling GmbH

We shred paper in the highest protection class 3 and security level P7. Our bins are fitted with an RFID lock from FMTec. We have used two-factor authentication to open the bins. This requires an RFID card and a PIN. The PIN is sent to the customer in an encrypted e-mail when the order is placed. The paper is shredded and comes out as granulate. To do something good for the environment, the paper is recycled and processed into toilet paper.

It should be emphasised that we operate as a fully integrated company. All work steps are carried out in-house by our own staff. We have our own fleet of vehicles and can respond to customer requirements in the shortest possible time. We are active within a radius of 200 km around 37269 Eschwege.

Haubold | Spezialdruckerei seit 1893

File & data destruction

Veolia Umweltservice GmbH

As an environmental service provider, Veolia is the partner for local authorities, industrial companies, businesses and private customers throughout Germany. As a driver of innovation for a sustainable circular economy, the company collects, sorts and treats waste from households, businesses and industry and returns the recyclable materials to new consumption or production cycles.

We offer all services in the greater Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony and neighbouring parts of Thuringia, from the provision of robust security containers to the collection, transport, destruction and disposal of files and other storage media in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and DIN 66399.

File & data destruction

Schief Entsorgungs GmbH & Co.KG

Vorsicht, vertraulich! Ob Papier oder digital: Die Schief Entsorgungs GmbH & Co.KG vernichtet wichtige Unterlagen zertifiziert, sicher und bequem – und Sie profitieren von erfahrenen Mitarbeitern und lückenlosen Abläufen inklusive Entsorgungszertifikat. Sicher ist sicher!

File & data destruction

Wolfinger Service GmbH

Wolfinger Service GmbH is an owner-managed company and has been offering services relating to file disposal, data services and data protection since 1996. The company is characterised by short decision-making processes, a high level of service from its long-standing employees, modern, efficient operating facilities and fair pricing in line with the market.

We specialise in the data protection-compliant destruction of paper files and data carriers of all kinds (hard drives, memory sticks, CDs, DVDs, magnetic tapes, X-ray images, micro-media, smartphones, tablets, etc.). We also offer our customers throughout Austria archiving of files, digitisation of archive holdings, incoming mail scanning, incoming invoice capture with data extraction or digitisation of micro-media.


File & data destruction


Success with tradition - Our company has its origins in the marketing and recycling of waste paper and cardboard. Today, we offer our customers and business partners comprehensive waste disposal services throughout Germany and have organised our waste concepts as a holistic and customer-oriented service.


File & data destruction

becker + brügesch

We attach great importance to conserving natural resources and see ourselves as an environmental service provider and waste disposal company. We take care of all waste in Bremen and the surrounding regions in an economical and sustainable manner. We are certified in accordance with DIN 66399.

Entsorgung / Akten- & Datenvernichtung


LEINS - der sichere Weg.

The circular economy is an important lever for climate protection. As one of the leading document shredders and total waste disposal companies in Baden-Württemberg, LEINS makes a significant contribution to this: Every day, tonnes of raw materials are fed back into the material cycle. This saves large amounts of CO2 and significantly reduces the amount of residual waste.

LEINS offers its customers customised disposal solutions and over 45 years of experience in the data protection-compliant destruction of sensitive documents and data carriers.


Jewellery & Watches

Jeweller Hollfelder

Distribution logistics to the shops

Where others go on holiday, the Hollfelder family and their team work with passion and commitment. It is not only their love of their profession that makes the family business so unique. Jeweller Hollfelder is visited from far and wide because the traditional company offers a variety that is second to none.  

The company offers the best advice and watch and jewellery service in five branches. The transport of very valuable jewellery and watches requires a high level of security, which we were able to offer with our SECOLO transport containers.

Data destruction


Distribution logistics and data security at the customer

The document and data shredder MAMMUT Deutschland with 11 locations, 135 vehicles and 317 employees takes care of the secure destruction and disposal of your data and files. 

The security of the data to be destroyed is guaranteed at all times with our SECOLO system.


Security features


Safety in production

In the exclusive high-security market, HUECK FOLIEN is a recognised partner of central banks and authorities. In order to meet the security standard, it must be ensured that no theft is possible throughout the entire production process. For this reason, all materials, semi-finished products, finished products and scrap materials in the production hall are stored securely in SECOLO containers and the SECOLO system is connected to the internal security control centre.

Precious metal products

Heraeus Group

Intralogistics - internal goods distribution

The Heraeus Group is a broadly diversified and globally leading technology and family-owned company based in Hanau, Germany. With its unique combination of materials expertise and technological know-how, the company takes care of your processes, challenges and markets in all our businesses. This is how we develop solutions that strengthen your market position in the long term.

Retail chain

Migros Aare Cooperative Switzerland

Distribution logistics to the shops

Migros Aare is the largest co-operative with around 12,200 employees and average annual sales of 3.3 billion Swiss francs. Sophisticated logistics and a well thought-out security system are necessary to guarantee the daily availability of products in all shops, as it is quite possible for something to get "lost" on the way to the speciality stores.

With the container locking system from FMTec, a system was installed that covers the entire transport process, is absolutely secure and scalable and remains easy to use.

Migros Aare Cooperative

Alarm system installer


Controlled tool removal

Wehrhan" is one of the oldest security companies in Vienna. Keys were manufactured, locks repaired and safes sold here as early as around 1923. Today, the company has developed into an innovative firm with high standards of quality, efficiency and customer-orientation. Thanks to the FMTec SECOLO containers, these requirements have been fully met, especially where services are provided directly at the customer's premises. Managing Director Harald Blauensteiner describes this as follows:

 "In the past, many maintenance, service and installation appointments were necessary several times because certain parts were always missing! When we had just a few employees, this wasn't a problem. But as the company grew, so did the number of employees, and with it the level of disorganisation. Thanks to the FMTec SECOLO containers, this issue is now a thing of the past!"

Wehrhan TPS Sicherheitstechnik GmbH

Security service

Alarm centre Steinberg GmbH

Protection of object keys

Alarmzentrale Steinberg GmbH has been on the market for over 30 years, providing services for the private and commercial security of properties. An important part of the company philosophy is the presence on site and the assessment of the situation by specialised personnel. To ensure access to the properties, the specialised personnel carry the master keys with them. In order to minimise the risk of loss, a solution for secure storage was sought and found in the SECOLO security key boxes.

Cash-in-transit service provider

Transnational Group

Protection for daily drafts and cheques

The transnational group of companies is primarily involved in providing innovative, value-adding logistics solutions, predominantly in the Asia-Pacific region. In the cash management business area, the company relies on the SECOLO Cash in Transit System (CiT), which guarantees maximum security during transport between the security vehicles and banks, for example.

Parcel delivery


Lock on the Cargo Bike Box

GO! Express & Logistics offers customised shipping solutions for everything that is urgent. The courier service is fast, highly flexible, absolutely reliable and safe when travelling. In the city and region, it often uses a cargo bike whose boxes are fitted with an FMTec SECOLO security container. This means that the cargo box on the bike is not only always automatically locked, but access is also expertly controlled using RFID data carriers. The GO! couriers thus guarantee that everything can be done immediately - with absolute security.

References in the area of cabinet locking systems


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