SECOLO - Logistics systems

We bring security & digitalisation!

Many companies live with so-called "shrinkage" during transport from the distribution centres to the shops or during transport within the production site. That doesn't have to be the case! The SECOLO system has reduced customer shrinkage to zero.

It is about protecting information on paper or electronic data carriers, avoiding unauthorised copies, preventing integrity violations on the transported goods or clearly regulated access, exclusively by specialist personnel, at precisely specified locations and with defined security requirements. The SECOLO system offers solutions for this!

SECOLO Smart Locks

Intelligent RFID locks with integrated RFID long range and tracking technology protect valuable or sensitive goods in any transport containers.

SECOLO Management Centre

The industry solution for setting required security levels, managing access rights, controlling and monitoring processes and analysing events.


The current position of the security containers is available at all times and the recorded movement routes can be called up if required.

SECOLO system components

System components not only offer different media for identification, but also enable incredible functions in the SECOLO system.


Intelligent RFID locks

for asset security in logistics

SECOLO-SL1001 security lock

SECOLO Smart Lock SL500

Secolo Smart Lock SL500
Electronic container lock for stand-alone operation with RFID card reader and PIN code keypad.

SECOLO Smart Lock SL1000

SECOLO SL1000 security lock
Electronic container lock with RFID card reader, RFID tracking, long range identification, radio networking and NFC communication.

SECOLO Smart Lock SL1001

SECOLO-SL1001 security lock
Electronic container lock with RFID card reader, PIN keypad, RFID tracking, long-range identification, wireless networking and NFC communication.

SECOLO Smart Lock SL5000

Electronic lock with RFID card reader, RFID tracking, long range identification, radio networking and NFC communication, as well as variable bolt technology.

SECOLO Smart Lock SL5001

SL5001 / SL3001
Electronic lock with PIN keypad, RFID card reader, NFC communication, RFID tracking, long range identification and radio networking, as well as variable bolt technology.
Sustainability label

Good for the environment

The SECOLO system is not only intelligent, safe and efficient, but also sustainable. Our products are optimised for energy efficiency and durability right from the development stage. The mechanical construction and the selected components are solidly designed and guarantee smooth operation over many years. For example, the battery of a SECOLO lock can last over 10 years, depending on use, and the lock mechanism can even last up to 20 years. This all contributes to reducing the ecological footprint and is in line with contemporary sustainability endeavours.

Our focus is not only on recycling, but above all - LONG USE - because a long service life is the guarantee for maximum profitability, maximum conservation of resources and low CO2 pollution!

SECOLO security locks in use

Functional overview of SECOLO security locks








Intended use

Offline operation / stand-alone

Online operation with SECOLO software

Designed for fixed cabinets

Designed for transport boxes

Designed for transport cabinets

Identification at the castle

Hotel safe function (PIN code / RFID card / RFID card + PIN code)

Identification via PIN code

Identification via RFID card, key fob or wristband

Identification via RFID card + PIN code

Identification using the dual control principle

Multiple RFID cards in one lock

3 master codes (one-time codes e.g. for customs control)

One-time identification (by PIN code or card)

RFID tracking

Location Based Access (location-based unlocking)

Automatic unlocking using marker technology

RFID tracking function

Communication / Features

NFC communication between lock and handheld