SECOLO in a cargo bike box
FMTec cargo bike transport safety

Cargo bikes

The flexible, safe and environmentally friendly transport option.

Cargo bike - the transport bike has been transformed into an e-cargo bike, making it even more efficient to use. This is because the electric drive allows larger loads to be transported at higher speeds. Safety plays an important role when transporting goods such as parcels, files, documents or valuables. Whenever part of the delivery is handed over to a recipient, the e-Cargo bike is left unattended at the side of the road with the rest of the load. It is important to protect the load from theft or espionage.

Thanks to its incredible scalability, the SECOLO system is the ideal solution for individual cargo bikes or cargo bicycles.

Bike fleets. The SECOLO Smart Lock enables access rights to be activated directly on the lock, so no software is required. For fleets of cargo bikes, the SECOLO Management Software is used, with which all parameters and access rights can be set quickly and conveniently directly from the PC workstation. If required, a GPS tracker can also be attached so that the current position is visible and the tours are documented.

Stand-alone cargo bike

  • Our locks can also be programmed via the keypad without software and
  • can therefore be used as a stand-alone solution.
  • Simple handling: Enter PIN code or hold out RFID card or key fob.
  • High security: access rights (from simple PIN code to RFID card + PIN) as well as the
  • Monitoring of the "lid open time" can be set.
  • The SECOLO Smart Lock locks automatically as soon as the lid is closed.
  • If the lid is not closed in time, an alarm is triggered.

Cargo bike fleets

  • Simple management of access rights via the intuitive SECOLO software.
  • Time-limited rights can be assigned in our software.
  • The SECOLO Smart Lock locks automatically as soon as the lid is closed.
  • If the lid is not closed in time, an alarm is triggered.
  • The system documents who unlocked or opened containers and when.
  • GPS and/or RFID tracking make it possible to log journeys.
  • Depending on the technology used, employee ID cards can be used for unlocking.
  • Markers can be used to define localised areas (up to 1m2 in size) where
  • the container can be unlocked. When the cargo bike leaves this area, all cards are
  • and codes are blocked.

The SECOLO advantages

High level of investment protection

When switching from stand-alone to the networked version, the existing hardware can continue to be used.

Excellent theft protection

High break-open strength (4000 N / approx. 400 kg)

Robust & durable

The SECOLO Smart Lock is shock-resistant, easy to integrate and offers patented locking technology.

Always well informed

Complete documentation of all events (unlocking, alarm, etc.)

Free choice of identification method

Identification via pin code and / or RFID chip (card, key fob, wristband)

Efficient & convenient

  • Automatic closing of the lid
  • Management of all cargo bike boxes in the SECOLO system
  • Simple deletion or replacement of lost RFID chips
  • Wireless data update
  • Thanks to the use of RFID technology, the lock is resistant to water and dirt (particularly important for outdoor use)

A GPS tracker can also be used for this application if required.

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