SECOLO - Applications

The professional solution for every area!

In which area are you looking for a solution to protect your data, expertise or valuable assets against

  • Theft
  • Espionage and unauthorised copying
  • Violation of integrity
  • unnoticed loss

There are virtually no limits to the use of our SECOLO system. It offers solutions for the user who only needs one security container in stand-alone operation, right up to companies with over 10,000 containers in a fully networked, software-supported system and, depending on requirements, from standard to the highest security level.

Our SECOLO Smart Locks turn almost any existing container into a security container so that your investment in existing process logistics and containers can continue to be utilised. We don't want to change your successful processes, we want to integrate ourselves into them!

If you do not yet have a container or cabinet in use, we will be happy to advise you on your individual transport task. Get in touch with us!

Get in touch with us!

Here you can be inspired by applications that we have already realised for customers:

Protected transport of watches, jewelry & precious stones

Secure transportation from the manufacturer to the retailer and/or between stores.

SECOLO in file and data carrier destruction

File and data destruction
SECOLO system for document and data carrier destruction with and without SECOLO Smart Locks.

SECOLO at retail chains

Retail chains
SECOLO system for the protection of consumer goods in shop supply logistics.

SECOLO in pharmaceutical logistics

safe transport of pharmaceutical products
SECOLO safety containers in distribution logistics for the protection of medicines.

SECOLO intelligent tool removal

construction tools
SECOLO checks who takes what away and when, and when it is returned, alerts in the event of loss and informs when something is being searched for.

SECOLO in a cargo bike box

FMTec cargo bike transport safety
SECOLO Smart Lock protects the transported goods with efficient "key" management and user-friendly processes. Available as a stand-alone or networked solution.

SECOLO intelligent locker locking system

SECOLO Smart Locks - Wireless and still all the advantages of the networked system thanks to the FMTec wireless solution.
Sustainability label

Good for the environment

The SECOLO system is not only intelligent, safe and efficient, but also sustainable. Our products are optimised for energy efficiency and durability right from the development stage. The mechanical construction and the selected components are solidly designed and guarantee smooth operation over many years. For example, the battery of a SECOLO lock can last over 10 years, depending on use, and the lock mechanism can even last up to 20 years. This all contributes to reducing the ecological footprint and is in line with contemporary sustainability endeavours.

Our focus is not only on recycling, but above all - LONG USE - because a long service life is the guarantee for maximum profitability, maximum conservation of resources and low CO2 pollution!