Protected transport of watches, jewelry & precious stones
Secure transportation from the manufacturer to the retailer and/or between stores.

The SECOLO system - your reliable partner for the safe transport of watches, jewelry and precious stones! Our innovative solution offers you the certainty that your precious products are optimally protected during transportation. The lightweight, robust SECOLO security containers can be modularly equipped according to your security requirements - from electronic locking and GPS monitoring to anti-theft protection by anchoring in the car using a 10 mm steel cable.

Many can do GPS tracking - but theft protection is more important. We use the latest technology in our electronic locking systems to ensure the highest Security standards. For authentication to unlock the security container you can choose from a simple PIN code, an RFID card (with or without PIN) or a location-based 2-person identi-fication system. Choose according to the security level required for the goods being transported.

Another special feature of the SECOLO security container is that it can be operated either stand-alone (offline) or networked - with central management in PC software.

Your precious jewelry deserves the best security - rely on the SECOLO system for worry-free transport! Talk to your insurance company about a premium reduction in return for the increased theft protection provided by using the SECOLO system. This way, the system pays for itself.

For every security and logistics requirement.

The SECOLO Smart Box is a stable security container made of light metal with an intelligent electronic lock, which can also be equipped with a GPS tracker and a steel cable for anchoring in the vehicle (mechanical theft protection), depending on requirements. The container size is adapted to the transported goods and your logistics systems. Once the SECOLO security container is locked, access is only possible again at the destination by authorized persons. This also prevents unregistered items from being added and removed again unnoticed during transportation.

SECOLO Smart Lock

  • The electronic RFID lock „SECOLO Smart Lock“ guarantees simple and efficient handling with maximum security. The access conditions can be set as required - from a simple PIN code to an RFID card (with or without PIN code) to the 4-eyes principle. It is also possible to set a localised opening specification with an accuracy of 1m2 within buildings.
  • The SECOLO Smart Lock locks automatically when the lid is closed. The lid open time monitoring function alerts you if the safety container has not been closed in time, thereby further increasing safety.
  • Even more theft protection is achieved with devices for two steel cables, which utilise the lashing eyes in your vehicle boot. With the optional GPS tracker, the current position of the security container is visible and the route is recorded.
SECOLO-SL1001 security lock

Stand-alone solution - suitable for up to 5 containers

  • The SECOLO Smart Lock can also be configured via the keypad without software and can therefore be used as a stand-alone solution.
  • The system cards allow access to the configuration menu on the lock, in which all authorisations can be assigned and/or system parameters set via the lock keypad and the RFID reader.

Online solution - for high security requirements and simple administration

  • Simple management of access rights via the intuitive SECOLO Management Centre software
  • Simple management of containers and delivery locations (different security settings possible for each location)
  • One-time PIN codes for emergency unlocking or unlocking at customs
  • Automatic documentation of the arrival of a security container at a specific location (RFID tracking) and recording of all events (e.g. alarms or who unlocked or opened a container at what time).
  • Interfaces to higher-level systems enable simple integration into third-party systems and thus an increase efficiency in logistics processes.

The SECOLO advantages

Safe. Efficient. Convenient.

Secure thanks to intelligent locking and tracking technology with

any number of identification variants. Efficient because it provides electronic process data (digitalisation 4.0). Convenient thanks to simple

operation and minimal maintenance.

Robust. Durable. Environmentally friendly.

FMTec is committed to the „long use“ concept and develops products with a very long service life and minimal power consumption (battery

life of up to 10 years).

High level of investment protection

When switching from stand-alone to the online solution, the existing hardware can continue to be used. Extensions can also be easily integrated into the modular system. Integration into third-party systems is no problem.Extensions can also be easily integrated into the modular system. Integration into third-party systems is no problem.


Excellent theft protection

Maximum security thanks to robust locking technology combined with

intelligent sensors and tracking technology (RFID / GPS / WLAN).

Informed. Documented. Alerted.

Tracking functions provide information about the location of the security container. Lock and GPS data are recorded for the purpose of documenting incidents. An alarm is triggered in the event of irregularities.

Flexible container design

SECOLO locking and tracking technology can be integrated into almost any container, turning it into an intelligent security container. Our technology is tailored to the requirements of your logistics.

Would you like to find out more about the benefits for your company?

Then talk to us! With more than 20 years of experience in electronic security and RFID technology, we are your competent partner! Our experienced employees and specialised trade partners are happy to take the time to work with you to develop the perfect solution. This lays the foundation for a successful co-operation.