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Security as you need it.

Safety - The added value of SECOLO products

What other manufacturers of electronic security locks - e.g. from the Far East - understand by security only makes us smile.

We refer to these security requirements as "no security" or at best as "low security".

In our range you will only find products that fulfil significantly higher requirements in terms of transport or storage safety. What sets us apart from low-budget suppliers?

  • Reliability and stabilityThe quality of the materials, the workmanship and the manufacturing standards have a considerable influence on the durability and security of an electronic security lock. We attach great importance to stability and durability right from the development stage.
  • Safety functionsOur SECOLO Smart Locks have robust security functions to prevent unauthorised access. These range from RFID technology to PIN codes and biometric recognition. Data transmitted between the lock and software in the SECOLO universe is encrypted to the highest security standards.
  • Integration and user-friendliness: The integration of the locks and our software can be easily connected to your logistics or locker system. We consider the longevity of our batteries in the lock, which can last for over 8 years (depending on the number of daily openings) without needing to be replaced, to be extremely important for a high level of user-friendliness. Low maintenance and high system availability - these are facts that are of enormous importance, especially with a large number of containers.
  • Support and updates: We provide regular software updates and excellent customer support to close security gaps and eliminate application problems.
  • Price-performance ratio: No question - our SECOLO products cannot be compared with a cheap lock from the Far East in terms of price. And we don't want to. However, with a SECOLO Smart Lock and the associated system components, you get a high-quality, sustainable overall system that allows you to change your security requirements at any time while continuing to use the existing hardware. This gives you a high level of protection for your investment
  • Sustainability: We are particularly keen to design our products for durability right from the development stage. This is bad for our turnover, but good for the environment and your comfort. Power-saving electronics for battery life of over 8 years is an example of this. Sturdy, strongly dimensioned components that can withstand opening forces of up to 400 kg ensure many years of perfect function
  • Trust: Well-known manufacturers such as data shredders, precious metal processors or manufacturers of holograms for banknotes) have relied on SECOLO products for many years because they are secure and work simply. With the SECOLO system, we can realise even the most complex transport tasks with the most extreme security requirements.

Our safety scale

security level standard

Standard security

  • Fast identification with RFID
  • No mechanical keys
  • Lock lost keys quickly
  • Efficient handling for blocking or releasing cards
  • No alarm necessary
  • Fast capping
  • Reliable closure

High security

  • High-level identification options possible
  • Containers that need to be monitored with GPS tracking in addition to RFID access control
  • RFID tracking
  • Location-based access

Maximum security

  • Containers that are equipped with cut or opening detection in addition to the high security measures in order to fully monitor the security container for attacks
  • Recognise external access in order to be able to initiate immediate measures
Sustainability label

Good for the environment

The SECOLO system is not only intelligent, safe and efficient, but also sustainable. Our products are optimised for energy efficiency and durability right from the development stage. The mechanical construction and the selected components are solidly designed and guarantee smooth operation over many years. For example, the battery of a SECOLO lock can last over 10 years, depending on use, and the lock mechanism can even last up to 20 years. This all contributes to reducing the ecological footprint and is in line with contemporary sustainability endeavours.

Our focus is not only on recycling, but above all - LONG USE - because a long service life is the guarantee for maximum profitability, maximum conservation of resources and low CO2 pollution!