SECOLO - Enclosure locking system

Wireless and still networked!

Locker locking systems play a crucial role in many areas of everyday life. Whether in companies, schools, fitness centres or public facilities, there are lockers everywhere that need to be locked. Locks with mechanical keys have many disadvantages in terms of organisational measures and operating costs. This is exactly where the SECOLO locker locking system comes into play, an innovative solution that revolutionises traditional locking methods.

Its wireless networking makes the SECOLO locker locking system the ideal choice when retrofitting existing lockers. Only with the SECOLO system is it possible to dispense with the time-consuming retrofitting of cables to the entire lockers without having to forego the benefits of networking!

Almost all RFID cards or RFID key fobs can be used as "keys", meaning that existing data carriers can usually be used. For example, hotel cards, ski passes, chip wristbands in fitness centres and water parks and much more.

SECOLO Smart Locks

Radio-networked RFID locker locks with and without PIN code and free locker selection or rental locker function.

SECOLO Locker Rental

Software for convenient allocation and management of locking rights. A convenient, item-related interface is available for efficient locker hire in the hotel and leisure sector.

SECOLO system components

System components not only offer different media for identification, but also enable incredible functions in the SECOLO system.


Smart Locks

The smarter cabinet locking system without cables and still networked


SECOLO Smart Lock SL3000

Electronic lock for locker systems with RFID reader

SECOLO Smart Lock SL3001

SL5001 / SL3001
Electronic lock for locker systems with RFID reader and PIN keypad

Innovation for greater safety and efficiency

Security and flexibility

A locker locking system should first and foremost offer security. SECOLO fulfils this requirement thanks to sophisticated, reliable electronics and mechanics, as well as professional data encryption in the wireless network.

Locking and unlocking is done using electronic RFID keys or PIN codes, which are created individually for each user. The so-called safe function also allows visitors to memorise their personal PIN code or RFID chip so that only they can unlock the door again.

The flexibility of the SECOLO locker locking system is another plus point. The system can be configured according to the requirements of the respective area of application. Whether rental lockers or free choice of lockers, self-locking or locking via RFID card, etc. is determined by settings in the software.

Assigning locking authorisations to employees or guests is straightforward and can be easily changed if an RFID card is lost. This is also particularly useful where frequent user changes at the lockers are the order of the day, such as in fitness centres or leisure facilities. With SECOLO, you can add new users or revoke existing access authorisations in no time at all.

Comfort and efficiency

The ease of use offered by the SECOLO locker locking system is another highlight. It eliminates the need for physical keys, which can easily be lost or stolen. It eliminates the need to replace the locking system because a master key can no longer be found and eliminates problems such as broken keys and chewing gum in the cylinder, or that the cylinder has been superglued for fun. As every SECOLO lock has its own power supply, even in the event of a power failure it is guaranteed that every locker can be reliably opened without having to install powerful emergency power systems beforehand.

Users receive an electronic "key", a so-called RFID data carrier in the form of a card, a key fob or a wristband, unless they already have an RFID data carrier in use. With the SECOLO Smart Lock 3001, it is also possible to work with a PIN code only or to add a PIN code to an RFID data carrier, which further increases access security.

The ability to unlock the locker with a simple scan of a data carrier or by entering a PIN code is not only more user-friendly than mechanical keys, but also saves valuable time. In a busy leisure centre, fitness studio or school, these benefits and increased efficiency can make an important contribution to smooth operations.

Information and traceability

In contrast to other battery-operated locker locking systems, the SECOLO system provides information about the locker status through its wireless networking. Master cards and user cards can be loaded and cancelled. Utilisation events are also sent to the server and saved in order to obtain a quick overview of what has happened at a locker. This helps to prevent misuse or unauthorised access. In addition, the system can generate warnings if the batteries on a lock need to be replaced or if there is a problem with the infrastructure.


The SECOLO cabinet locking system is a pioneering innovation that combines security, flexibility, user-friendliness and efficiency. It offers a modern solution for locking systems in a wide range of applications and is well on the way to replacing conventional systems. With SECOLO, organisations can not only improve their security standards, but also optimise their operations while contributing to sustainability. One thing is clear: the locker locking system of the future is clearly SECOLO.

Sustainability label

Good for the environment

The SECOLO system is not only intelligent, safe and efficient, but also sustainable. Our products are optimised for energy efficiency and durability right from the development stage. The mechanical construction and the selected components are solidly designed and guarantee smooth operation over many years. For example, the battery of a SECOLO lock can last over 10 years, depending on use, and the lock mechanism can even last up to 20 years. This all contributes to reducing the ecological footprint and is in line with contemporary sustainability endeavours.

Our focus is not only on recycling, but above all - LONG USE - because a long service life is the guarantee for maximum profitability, maximum conservation of resources and low CO2 pollution!

SECOLO Smart Locks in use

SECOLO cabinet locking system

Functions of the SECOLO cabinet locking system

Types of identification

depending on the model of the SECOLO Smart Locks there are more or less options for identification for unlocking.

  • Safe Mode: Teaching of a PIN code by the visitor (SL3001 only)
  • Safe Mode: Teaching of an RFID data carrier by the visitor
  • Safe Mode: Teaching of an RFID data carrier with PIN by the visitor (SL3001 only)
  • User ID (1 to 12 digits) (SL3001 only)
  • User ID + PIN code 4 to 8 digits (SL3001 only)
  • RFID card
  • RFID card + PIN code (SL3001 only)
  • 2-person / 4-eyes principle (using one of the previous identification methods)
  • Permanent access or one-time access
  • Authorised users per lock: up to 900 (dynamic)
  • Authorised cards: unlimited number for unlimited number of security containers (e.g. Master Cards)
  • Events in the lock: up to 1000 (dynamic)

Operating modes of the SECOLO cabinet locking system

Depending on the area of application, different operating modes are advantageous as they can reduce user-friendliness and the risk of handling errors.

Free choice of wardrobe Single wardrobe

The doors of unused lockers are unlocked. Locking takes place after a valid identification (RFID data carrier and/or PIN code). Only the RFID data carrier that has locked the locker can unlock it.

Free choice of wardrobe Family wardrobe

The doors of unused lockers are unlocked. Locking takes place after a valid identification (RFID data carrier and/or PIN code). The RFID data carrier that has locked the locker and those of all associated persons can unlock it.

Rental lockers Operating mode 1

The locker is unlocked when not rented. The locker does not lock automatically when the door is closed. The tenant locks and unlocks the locker using identification.

Rental lockers Operating mode 2

The door locks automatically as soon as it is closed. The tenant only ever unlocks the door using valid identification.

Safe mode

The door of unused lockers or safe deposit boxes is unlocked and the lock is ready for a new identification code. The user activates a PIN code, an RFID data carrier or a combination of these directly on the lock keypad. The locker locks and can only be opened with this data carrier and/or PIN code. Master PINs (cards) can also be programmed so that an emergency opening can take place if the safe mode PIN is forgotten or the data carrier is lost.

Alarming the SECOLO locker locking system

If door status detection is activated, the lock recognises a break-in. This triggers an acoustic alarm locally and a message via radio directly to the

server in order to be forwarded from there.

Function overview for all SECOLO Smart Locks








Intended use

Offline operation / stand-alone

Online operation with SECOLO software

Designed for fixed cabinets

Designed for transport boxes

Designed for transport cabinets

Identification at the castle

Hotel safe function (PIN code / RFID card / RFID card + PIN code)

Identification via PIN code

Identification via RFID card, key fob or wristband

Identification via RFID card + PIN code

Identification using the dual control principle

Multiple RFID cards in one lock

3 master codes (one-time codes e.g. for customs control)

One-time identification (by PIN code or card)

RFID tracking

Location Based Access (location-based unlocking)

Automatic unlocking using marker technology

RFID tracking function

Communication / Features

NFC communication between lock and handheld

Encrypted wireless communication to the software or handheld

Storage of the events of all actions and alarms (output via software)

Automatic locking

Personalised lid monitoring with alarm