The CARGO bike relies on FMTec lock systems

Whether transporting packages, delivering files and documents, or as a service bike for service providers, the cargo bike offers a solution that suits a range of mobility needs, and which is not only mobile but also fun. Read here to find out how FMTec makes travel more fun using smart security.

Data protection and optimal security. Mr Miller knows, how its done.

One of the most important responsibilities from Mr Miller is, ensuring that all personal data that is no longer in use is destroyed in accordance with the EU’s GDPR. And he knows, that he wants to commission an external company with the most modern technology. Whether Mr. Müller’s strategy works and if he can professionally implement the data protection …

Security you can rely on.

Electronic locking systems for mobile applications.

What does «goods security in transport» mean? What benefits does real-time information offer? What do avoidable errors in logistics cost? These are all questions to which FMTec provides the right answers. We develop and produce electronic locking systems for access protection, to enable the monitoring and location of all kinds of moveable goods.

The SECOLO system is unique worldwide, and combines smart lock technology with the advantages of M2M communication and state-of-the-art software applications. Our products document all movements, all instances of access, and all alarms, guaranteeing that you have proof of specified processes having been complied with. This is of particular advantage to you when it comes to implementing the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)!

Discover the possibilities for your applications! As you’ll see, there is no better solution for your mobile security.

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