About FMTec

Ideas. Knowledge. Experience.

The question is simple, but crucial: What tasks should your security system fulfil? From this point, we look for possible technical solutions with the aim of offering you a security system with economic added value.

What we don't forget during technical implementation: security is an emotional issue and is based on mutual trust. That is why we maintain a close customer relationship to network knowledge and experience. This forms the basis for the continuous further development of well thought-out and future-orientated products and systems.

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Manfred Falch is the founder and managing director of FMTec GmbH. His more than 30 years of professional experience includes the areas of electronics and software development, the development of mechatronic locking systems, national and international sales development and the management of employees.

He began his career in 1986 in the quality assurance department of Balzer AG in Liechtenstein, before moving to Gantner Electronic GmbH in 1988 to head up the access control and leisure systems divisions. As an authorised signatory and deputy managing director, he made a significant contribution to the growth of the company, which employed over 100 people in 2008.

Im Sommer 2009 erfüllte er sich seinen Traum und gründete die Firma FMTec GmbH - Future Management Technologies, mit dem erklärten Ziel, eine neue Art von Sicherheit für Produkte in die Logistik zu bringen.


"I enjoy working with customers to analyse their needs and challenges and using creativity, expertise and a wealth of ideas to create new, innovative solutions!"

Manfred Falch

Managing Director

"The success of a system does not depend on the complexity of the task solved, but on the extent to which the system helps the user to solve his problem.

empowered! That's why we use the best technologies for software development to achieve the required functionality and maximum user-friendliness in our applications!"

Marius Damian

Head of R&D Software

After completing his university degree in information technology, Marius Damian has built up over ten years of expertise in the development of software applications. His wealth of experience ranges from interface design and database architecture to secure communication with intelligent electronic peripheral devices in the field of security technology.

This comprehensive understanding enables him to create overall concepts that establish an optimal connection between the devices and the FMTec software as well as the customer's applications. One of his most important objectives is to integrate complex requirements into the software in such a way as to maximise user-friendliness.

Sustainability label

sustainable & innovative

In addition to a high degree of innovation and customer benefits, we consciously focus on sustainability when developing our products. You benefit

  • of energy-saving electronics that guarantee battery life for many years.
  • The durability of our products, which we attach great importance to right from the design stage.
  • of high profitability due to low maintenance requirements and long service life.