SECOLO Smart Lock SL1000
Electronic container lock with RFID card reader, RFID tracking, long range identification, radio networking and NFC communication.

Article description

Electronic container lock with RFID reader, RFID tracking, long range identification, patented locking technology and robust design, especially suitable for use in transport containers in intra- and extra-logistics.
The SECOLO Smart Lock SL1000 is the ideal lock for anyone who needs a large number of containers with an electronic lock, but only wants to unlock them using RFID cards (key fobs or wristbands) and deliberately wants to do without a PIN code keypad.

  • Simple operation
  • Up to 900 data carriers can be authorised
  • Identification either by RFID card or key fob
  • Each authorisation can also be assigned as a one-time PIN code
  • Security levels such as 2-person Prince and/or Location Based Access
  • RFID tracking via marker technology
  • Battery life up to 10 years depending on application.
  • Designed for rough operation during transport (vibrations, temperatures, weather influences)
  • Easy to retrofit in existing containers
  • Sustainable thanks to long service life and extremely low energy consumption

The SECOLO Smart Lock SL1000 turns almost any container, box or crate into a security container.

Areas of application

  • Most frequently used in the collection containers for document and data carrier destruction
  • In any industries and applications with online networking to the SECOLO management software where pure identification using RFID data carriers and without a PIN code is required.

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Technical data

PIN keypad:


Card reader

Yes, for passive RFID data carriers ISO15693 and ISO14443

RFID tracking:


NFC interface


Long Range Identification:


RFID tracking:


Operating temperature:

-20°C to +60°C


196 x 152 x 53mm


850g incl. batteries

Functions SECOLO Smart Lock SL1000

Functions for identification

  • RFID data carriers (user cards, key fobs, wristbands)
  • 2-person rule / 4-eyes principle
  • Location-based access in the building possible (accuracy 1m2)

RFID tracking functions

  • Beacon signal: The electronic lock can periodically send its UID in a beacon signal.
  • Marker position detection: When the lock passes a marker field, it sends a position signal to the server via the UHF interface and generates an event booking that can be read out later.
  • Direction of movement: The marker technology enables the direction of movement to be recognised by a marker gate that contains two markers with different UIDs. The direction of movement can be determined via the sequence of the marker UIDs and other parameters.

Types of alarm

  • Lid open for too long: If the lid is not closed within a definable time, the lid open alarm starts.
  • Latch blockage: The lock cannot lock the container for some reason.
  • Battery warning: The battery will soon be empty and must be replaced.
  • Gate alarm: The alarm-active container moves into an RFID field with gate alarm function.
  • Zone alarm: If the alarm-active security container is removed from the RFID monitoring zone without authorisation, the lock triggers an alarm.

Alarm signals

  • Acoustic: A loudspeaker in the lock generates an acoustic alarm signal in the event of an alarm.
  • Radio signal: In the event of an alarm, the lock sends radio signals that are transmitted to the SECOLO software via the AP1000 access point. E-mails can be sent to the relevant persons or the alarm can be easily forwarded to a security centre.

Data transmission from and to the castle

  • Access rights via wireless interface, NFC or RFID card
  • Configuration via wireless and/or NFC interface
  • Events (alarms, openings, etc.) are stored in the lock in non-volatile memory and can be read out via the wireless or NFC interface.
  • Firmware update via wireless interface

The SECOLO system

With the SECOLO system, you can turn the SECOLO Smart-Lock into a high-security container that can be customised to your security requirements and transport scenarios. The lock communicates with the software or system components via radio signals and can thus trigger certain actions (e.g. opening gates, opening or locking the container lid, etc.).

Let us advise you, we are guaranteed to find the right solution for you.

Sustainability label

Good for the environment

The SECOLO system is not only intelligent, safe and efficient, but also sustainable. Our products are optimised for energy efficiency and durability right from the development stage. The mechanical construction and the selected components are solidly designed and guarantee smooth operation over many years. For example, the battery of a SECOLO lock can last over 10 years, depending on use, and the lock mechanism can even last up to 20 years. This all contributes to reducing the ecological footprint and is in line with contemporary sustainability endeavours.

Our focus is not only on recycling, but above all - LONG USE - because a long service life is the guarantee for maximum profitability, maximum conservation of resources and low CO2 pollution!

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