Data protection and optimal security. Mr Miller knows, how it's done.

One of the most important responsibilities from Mr Miller is, ensuring that all personal data that is no longer in use is destroyed in accordance with the EU’s GDPR. And he knows, that he wants to commission an external company with the most modern technology. Whether Mr. Müller’s strategy works and if he can professionally implement the data protection …

SECOLO systems for the destruction of files and data carriers

Monitored. Documented. Secure.

The SECOLO security system from FMTec represents more than just the ideal solution for the process of file and data destruction. It also integrates fully into your logistics processes, and therefore guarantees the desired level of security and flexibility, whilst also complying with all relevant standards.  These features mean you benefit from the advantages of handling, documentation, the avoidance of errors, and the reduction of process costs.

The SECOLO solution

  • An exclusive lock, without replacing mechanical lock cylinders
  • Differing access rights at different installation locations (pursuant to the security requirements for storage containers)
  • Container with a locking system which cannot be unlocked by uncontrolled mechanical influences
  • Complete documentation of all events, such as the container being opened or emptied, alarms, handovers, and so on
  • The container is unlocked on the tilting mechanism in the truck or in the shredder centre – documented and with no personnel required
  • The container lock system can also be unlocked even if the container is overfilled or the documents are pressed against the lid as a result of the container tipping
  • The stock of empty containers is reduced as a result of being able to issue secure containers to any other customer after being emptied
  • Management of all containers in the SECOLO system (including those without electronic lock)
  • Mobile app for enhanced customer service

Advantages and benefits

  • Customer-specific lock (RFID key)
  • The lock hierarchy can be adjusted as required for each customer
  • Straightforward blocking of lost keys, and activation of new ones
  • Two-person principle on the customer site (can be switched on/off)
  • Documentation of a container arriving in the shredder centre
  • Monitoring the time span between each container being received and being emptied
  • Documentation of exactly when each container is emptied
  • Video recording of the emptying process, with the container number and customer name shown
  • Recording of all customer transfers and returns of containers
  • Recording of all unlocking processes performed by the customer
  • Alarms triggered in the event of the maximum lid opening time being exceeded
  • Battery life cycle of up to 10 years, if the container is opened 3 times per working day
  • Use of existing storage containers by simply retrofitting the SECOLO lock. All the crucial information for this is available.

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