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HUECK FOLIEN is a recognised partner to central banks and public authorities in the exclusive market of high security. In order to meet the appropriate security standard, it must be ensured that theft is fully prevented throughout the production process. For this reason, all materials, semi-finished products, finished products, and scrap materials are stored securely in the production hall in SECOLO containers, and the SECOLO system is connected to the internal security control centre.


Genossenschaft Migros Aare Schweiz

Migros Aare is the largest association in terms of area, with around 12,200 employees and an average annual turnover of 3.3 billion francs. Refined logistics and a sophisticated security system are essential to guaranteeing the daily availability of products in all branches, as it’s entirely possible that something gets «lost» on the journey to the specialist shops.

With installation of the container closing system from FMTec, the association has a system that covers the entire transport process and provides absolute security as well as scalability – whilst also offering ease-of-use.

Genossenschaft Migros Aare


“Wehrhan” is one of the oldest security companies in Vienna. They have been producing keys, repairing locks and selling safes here since around 1923.  Today, the business has developed to become an innovative company with high standards for quality, efficiency and customer focus. FMTec SECOLO containers enable these requirements to be fully met, precisely where services are rendered directly to the customer. Managing Director Ing. Mag. Harald Blauensteiner describes this as follows:

 «In the past we would need a high number of maintenance, service and installation appointments many times over, because certain parts were missing again and again! This wasn’t a problem when we only had a few employees. However, as the company grew, so did the number of employees, and therefore the level of disorganisation. Thanks to FMTec SECOLO containers, this issue is now a thing of the past!»

Alarmzentrale Steinberg GmbH

Alarmzentrale Steinberg GmbH has been active on the market for over 30 years, providing services relating to the private and commercial securing of properties. One important component of the company’s philosophy is the on-site presence and assessment of situations by specialist staff. In order to guarantee access to the properties, the specialist staff member always carries the master key with them. In order to minimise the risk of loss, a solution for secure storage was sought – and found in the form of SECOLO security key boxes.

Transnational Group

The Transnational Group of Companies primarily focuses on the provision of innovative logistics solutions that add value, predominantly in the Asia-Pacific area. In the business area of cash management, the company relies on the SECOLO Cash in Transit (CiT) system, and therefore guarantees an extremely high level of security when transporting cash between security vehicles and, for example, banks.

Ohlig Dienstleistung GmbH & Co. KG

Ohlig Dienstleistung GmbH & Co. KG is a regional company operating in the file and data carrier destruction sector. Confidential files and documents are professionally and securely disposed of using storage containers which are equipped with the FMTec SECOLO system. In this way, Ohlig Dienstleistung guarantees an extremely high level of security when removing files and data carriers, and destroying them in compliance with data protection regulations.


GO! Express & Logistics offers tailored shipping solutions for any and all urgent dispatches. The messenger service is quick, highly flexible, absolutely reliable and secure on the road. A cargo bike, the boxes for which are equipped with an FMTec SECOLO secure container, is often also used in cities and surrounding regions. This secure container means that not only is the cargo box always automatically locked on the bike, but access is also expertly controlled using an RFID tag. This is how the GO! messengers guarantee that everything is in fact possible at a moment’s notice – with absolute reliability.

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