The electronic container locking system that reduces goods losses!

Efficient. Straightforward. Secure.

The security of transports is becoming increasingly important. It is not only cash, diamonds or works of art that are sufficiently valuable to be targets of theft, but also tobacco and spirits, perfumes, consumer electronics, branded clothing, and sports equipment. These transports are often targeted when travelling established routes and short distances, such as during transport from the central warehouse to distributors.

Although many companies have created solutions to protect goods on the sales floor, security in distributor logistics still remains a largely unsolved challenge. The search for appropriate containers is often unsuccessful, and even solutions with keys rarely achieve the desired effect.

The electronic SECOLO container locking system means the search is over! The system has been developed specifically for retail chains, and is the ideal solution for reducing theft, lost goods, and time being wasted in the transport of valuable goods.

The SECOLO solution
  • Protects goods against unauthorised access during transport
  • Automatically passes on the locking rights in such a way that the recipient is always able to unlock the container (without a physical key)
  • Return shipments are opened exclusively at a specific, video-monitored location in the central warehouse
  • Each shop has a defined number of empty containers available. If one of these is shipped, the system automatically reorders an empty container of the same type.
  • SECOLO containers can also be used as secure storage
  • Early detection and warning if containers do not take the specified route
  • RFID tracking, in order to locate a secure container if necessary
  • Straightforward, convenient operation of the web-based shipment software in shops
  • Straightforward allocation of access rights, and replacement of lost RFID cards
  • Documentation of all movements, instances of unlocking, and alarms, to enable optimised trackability and to protect employees
  • Maximum security of investment due to a system architecture that can be built up in any number of stages, without having to replace equipment that has already been purchased.

Advantages and benefits

  • Massive reduction in the loss of goods
  • Straightforward, high-quality protection against theft
  • The SECOLO system works without a mechanical key
  • Lost RFID key cards can be blocked and replaced, easily and quickly
  • A wide selection of secure containers, including tailored models
  • Rapid clarification of inconsistencies is possible due to recording of all events
  • The system integrates into standard processes, and helps to optimise them

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