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CARGO-Bike relies on the mobile security technology in FMTec’s locking systems

Whether transporting packages, delivering files and documents, or as a service bike for service providers, the cargo bike offers a solution that suits a range of mobility needs, and which is not only mobile but also fun. That is why more and more companies are eschewing cars in favour of cargo bicycles to provide their services. Depending on the goods being transported using these bikes, security often plays an important role. After all, cargo bikes must sometimes be left unattended at the roadside, enabling unauthorised people to steal the bikes.

The FMTec locking system with RFID, GPS tracking and monitoring offers a high level of security in this situation. The system not only ensures that the cargo box on the e-bike is always locked automatically, with access regulated expertly by means of an RFID tag, but also triggers an alarm if the entire e-bike is stolen; then enabling it to be tracked on the internet using a computer or smartphone.

Solicitor Cornelia Hübner from Karlsruhe is an experienced user of the SECOLO locking system on the e-cargo bike, and describes her experience with it:

«When the bicycle dealer showed me the FMTec SECOLO lock on the iBullitt storage box, I was taken with it straight away. I was immediately certain of its usefulness when I realised that instead of fumbling around with a key while holding an armful of files, I would be able to open the lock easily using the code armband. As a solicitor, it was, of course, also important to be sure that my files would be stored securely while I was on the move.

After using the bike complete with a SECOLO lock for just a few months, I can certainly say that my expectations have been completely fulfilled. The SECOLO lock is extremely easy to handle, even when the storage box is packed full, and it always opens reliably. I also find it great that I can customise it as I want to. It means I can always feel secure when parking my bike.»

Cornelia Hübner

Rechtsanwältin, Karlsruhe

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