The Self Service security system safeguards tools and materials on construction sites!

Straightforward. Clear. Efficient.

This system is the ideal solution for securing tools and materials on construction sites! It is particularly worthwhile for very expensive tools and measuring devices, or those that are only available in very small quantities; or for critical parts, such as security cards, master keys, and dangerous materials.

The appropriate software solution in combination with the SECOLO Self Service Secure containers means you not only save a great deal of money, but also become more efficient. In addition, the system engenders a greater sense of responsibility among users through the logging of all events.

The SECOLO Solution
  • Personal removal from the warehouse by authorised individuals only
  • Documented handover of responsibility for the container and contents
  • Warning in the event that the container is not promptly put into storage
  • Theft monitoring in the warehouse
  • Protection against theft on the construction site
  • Information as to WHO has taken which container, and WHEN can be accessed at any time
  • All movements for each container are recorded in full
  • The SECOLO system works without a mechanical key
  • Lost RFID key cards can be blocked and replaced, easily and quickly
  • A wide selection of secure containers, including tailored models

Advantages and benefits

  • Massive reduction in the loss of tools
  • Straightforward, high-quality protection against theft
  • Overview list of current tool users
  • Rapid clarification of inconsistencies is possible due to recording of all events
  • The possibility of lower premiums for insurance policies
  • Reduction in effort for handling and control

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