Cargo bike: the transport bicycle.

Secure on the road with the SECOLO locking system

Cargo bike: the transport bicycle has evolved to become an e-cargo bike, making it even more efficient, as the electric drive enables greater loads to be transported at higher speed. Using this process brings the importance of security to the forefront for transported goods such as packages, files, documents or valuable objects. After all, whenever part of the shipment is delivered to a recipient, the e-cargo bike is left unattended by the side of the road with the rest of its load. It is crucial to ensure that unauthorised individuals cannot access the transported goods at this point, or steal the e-cargo bike unnoticed.

The SECOLO lock system with GPS tracking and monitoring is the ideal solution for secure transport. This system means that not only is the cargo box on the e-bike always locked automatically, but an alarm also sounds if the entire e-bike is stolen, and its location can be tracked online using a computer or smartphone.

The SECOLO solution
  • There are two locking system solution variants: a stand-alone version, with programming via a lock keyboard, or a radio-networked version, managed on a PC
  • High security against being forced open (4000 N)
  • Identification by pin code and/or RFID chip (card, key fob or armband)
  • Easy to delete or replace lost data carriers
  • The ideal lock for cargo boxes: shock-resistant; easy to integrate; and with patented lock technology
  • Automatic locking when the lid is closed
  • Full documentation of all events (unlocking, alarm, etc.)
  • Management of all containers in the SECOLO system
  • Automatic data update during downtimes

Advantages and benefits

  • Straightforward and high-quality protection against theft
  • Fast access to the contents of the cargo box
  • Warning if the box is opened within a specified period
  • Flexible use of the RFID card for several bikes
  • Transparency with respect to bike locations

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